The Island

Meet the "Lady of the Dodecanese"

Meet the "Lady of the Dodecanese"

The stunning island of Symi has been described as “The Lady of the Dodecanese” or “The Jewel of the Dodecanese” as its cosmopolitan charm is considered to be incomparable. It is a place that stands out for its unique, crystal clear and pebbled beaches, its picturesque villages, as well as for the traditional architectural character that it has managed to maintain over the years, despite the fact that it is a cradle of alternative tourism, with dozens of yachts arriving every year. This is due to the fact that the best way to explore this gem is by sea.

Some of the main attractions of the island include the Nautical Museum, the Cathedral of Timios Prodromos, the Archaeological / Folklore Museum and, of course, Kali Strata!

Kali Strata, where Cedrus Blue is situated, is one of the most impressive areas of the island, as its path with the large stone steps is surrounded by neoclassical buildings dating back to around 1900. The preservation of these buildings, combined with its enchanting natural beauty, is what sets the area apart, rendering it ideal for a vacation that strays from the ordinary, giving travelers a sense of nostalgia. Here, the hectic pace of everyday life is slowed down, allowing the visitor to be flooded with feelings of peace and euphoria!

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