About Us

Discover our fairytale retreat

Who are we

Welcome to Cedrus Blue, a fairy tale like place well hidden amongst three cedar trees and the deep blue Symi sky, which is where it got its unique name. Our accommodation is a family run business, located in Kali Strata, a beautiful path with stone steps connecting the port of Symi with its village.  The accommodation is the newest building in Kali Strata, an extremely quiet and refined area full of old mansions with a history of 150 years. However, although its construction started in March 2021 and was completed in July 2022, it is in perfect harmony with the natural environment and the architecture of the island, like a mansion that has remained unchanged through the years. On the ascent of Kali Strata, we would say that Cedrus Blue feels like an oasis, ready to welcome you and offer you moments of absolute luxury and serenity.

Our Goal

In creating this apartment complex, our goal was to offer our guests an authentic island experience, full of the elements that we too have come to deeply love.

Through Cedrus Blue, we wished for every guest to feel like royalty of a different era, while still having all the modern amenities of a luxury stay at their disposal. We made sure that there is something beautiful to see everywhere you look. Because of our attention to detail, as well as the undeniable natural beauty of the land, every corner is a unique photographic image, a painting that captivates the senses.

The goal was achieved… Cedrus Blue is the ideal place for a unique vacation experience, unlike any other. A short stroll through our facilities or the surrounding area is all it takes to step back in time, forget your worries and indulge in the irresistible tranquility that surrounds you.
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