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Discover our fairytale retreat

Welcome to Cedrus Blue, a fairy tale like place well hidden amongst three cedar trees and the deep blue Symi sky, which is where it got its unique name. Our accommodation is a family run business, located in Kali Strata, a beautiful path with stone steps connecting the port of Symi with its village.

Our Goal
In creating this apartment complex, our goal was to offer our guests an authentic island experience, full of the elements that we too have come to deeply love. Through Cedrus Blue, we wished for every guest to feel like royalty of a different era, while still having all the modern amenities of a luxury stay at their disposal. We made sure that there is something beautiful to see everywhere you look. Because of our attention to detail, as well as the undeniable natural beauty of the land, every corner is a unique photographic image, a painting that captivates the senses.
The accommodation

A unique luxury stay experience awaits you

Our apartment complex is essentially divided into two buildings of stunning architecture, in the colors of terracotta and ochre, connected by a splendid stone loby. Together they make up a captivating spectacle that wows from the first glance.

There are 4 apartments in the complex, as each building consists of 2 apartments, 1 on the ground floor and 1 on the first floor. All of the apartments are characterized by a high aesthetic design that combines contemporary luxury with the traditional elements of the island.


What they say about us

The Island

Meet the "Lady of the Dodecanese"

The stunning island of Symi has been described as “The Lady of the Dodecanese” or “The Jewel of the Dodecanese” as its cosmopolitan charm is considered to be incomparable. It is a place that stands out for its unique, crystal clear and pebbled beaches, its picturesque villages, as well as for the traditional architectural character that it has managed to maintain over the years, despite the fact that it is a cradle of alternative tourism, with dozens of yachts arriving every year. This is due to the fact that the best way to explore this gem is by sea.


Our location is characterized by peace, tranquility and unsurpassed beauty

Cedrus Blue is located in the peaceful Kali Strata area of Symi, just 200 meters away from the port of the island. Due to the amphitheatrical morphology of the region, within 100 to 200 meters you can find everything from the mini market, the restaurant and the health center, up to the village square which is famous for its traditional cafes. Within a stone’s throw away one can also find the Nautical Museum, while a 5-minute walk will take visitors to the port, from where they can access the boats that lead to the beaches of Symi.

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